Dear Editor:

Some of our Congressmen bend over back words for the welfare of illegal immigrants, while they continue to maintain that our government cannot afford health care for our military retirees and other veterans. They will readily cut our warriors benefits and rights, but never consider maintaining tight control of our borders to keep illegals out.

Think about this. How do we know the illegals are not perpetrating acts of terrorism by carrying deadly virus' in their bodies on purpose, knowing that our bleeding heart liberals will take care of their health needs in our clinics and hospitals, thereby possibly exposing our citizens to a myriad of diseases. After all, most terrorist don’t give a tinkers damn about their own lives - as constantly demonstrated by suicide bombings.

We should all demand enforcement of the laws to keep America safe by placing our own citizen's safety and welfare before that of people who do not belong here. Legal immigrants - yes! Illegal immigrants - no!

If our present Congress and Administration cannot do this, let's press for the ballot changes necessary to find those who will keep things in compliance.

Cliff Shaw
1830 West 120 South
Provo, Utah 84601