By James H. Reza, E-Mail

For years, many have questioned why I have spoken out so vigorously against illegal immigration. My answer is simple.

I believe, as most Americans probably do, that we should have zero tolerance for illegal immigrants who come to our country, commit a crime, and return to their homeland where they are shielded from our justice system.

Without going into much detail, this serious illegal alien problem which daily occurs in our country is most often swept under the rug by the media, and as of late, President Bush who didn¹t mention it on his recent immigration pitch.

In the early 80s, my wife and I were driving on Central Ave. in my former neighborhood in North Fort Worth. We suddenly noticed a car heading towards us at high speed, trying to elude a police car when it plowed into another car crossing the intersection.

There, in the middle of the street, were three bodies of the occupants who, on impac, were thrown out of the car. The driver of the speeding car stumbled out of his vehicle, apparently disoriented, as beer bottles fell out. Soon ambulances and police cars arrived at the accident scene so we left.

Later, a Police Sergeant friend, informed me that the driver of the speeding car, an illegal alien, caused two fatalities and left one crippled for life and was booked on a negligent homicide DWI charge.

However, the illegal posted his bail bond and fled to Mexico where our laws have no jurisdiction to bring him back to be prosecuted for his crimes. In a conversation, my friend informed me that it was common practice for illegal aliens who commitcrimes to high-tail it to Mexico to avoid prosecution.

In another criminal case involving an illegal alien, a former school chum of mine, and his family, fell victims to a horrible crime.

One day, his son went to shoot pool at a local billiard hall. While there, he had an altercation with an illegal. A fistfight ensued, with the son handily defeating the illegal combatant.

That evening, the older brother of the trounced illegal, came to look for the son at his house. When the mother answered the door with her small children beside her, the angered illegal asked for her son.

She replied that her son was not in, and the illegal fired one shot, striking a fatal wound to her chest. She died in the arms of her grieving children.

Later, the evil murdering illegal would call the family from Mexico threatening to return to kill the rest of the family. Folks, that occurred more than 20 years ago, and the animal that committed this unspeakable murder is still free in Mexico, and maybe even here in the USA.

Anyone disputing these crimes I¹ve just detailed can substantiate facts by calling the Fort Worth Police Department for verification.

Concerned Americans, these two crimes and many more I'm cognizant of, occur almost daily in our country.

In a recent criminal study, Illegal Invasion Deadlier than Iraq, Mr. Mac Johnson, a researcher from Cambridge, MA, conservatively estimates that illegal aliens in the United States commit 1,800 to 2,500 homicides yearly.

He notes that our national media keeps tabs on how many American soldiers we've lost in Afghanistan and Iraq since we started the “War on Terror” three years ago, which numbers somewhere around 2,500. However, as Mr. Johnson points out, the media and President Bush, I might now add, have failed to tell us that in the same time span, illegal aliens have murdered about 4,000 Americans on our own soil.

Sadly, most of these crimes, like the ones I previously referenced, go unpunished for the same reasons stated earlier - illegal criminals simply return to their homeland.

After 9-11, President Bush made a bold statement to those who harmed our country in New York. With bullhorn in hand he said, “Those who knocked down these buildings will soon hear from us.”

Well Mr. President, those Republican and Democrat politicians who placed their hand on the bible and took an oath to abide and enforce are laws and are siding with you on passing a weak Senate immigration bill to protect our borders, will soon hear this message from many American voters like me(not street protesters).

We will definitely remember this in the upcoming elections!

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