By an unknown contributor who signed it only as “Jim”
Forwarded by p38bob and reprinted here as a public service to those who still adhere to the original principles of democracy.

Friday following Thanksgiving, should be designated as: “No-Thanks-Given” Day. On this holiday we would identify particular organizations, movements, individuals, media, etc., which, over the decades have earned our deepest ingratitude, and contempt.

Here are my nominees for the inaugural dishonors:

The U.S. Congress: For its unyielding cowardice and profligacy. For never looking back, and never learning from the societal, cultural, security, and fiscal wreckage which their earlier “works” and programs have produced. That is, except when these tawdry masters of self-interest rise in phony outrage to blame others for the calamities which they themselves have either created or exacerbated.

Despite its shameful, bi-partisan history of catastrophic failure and comic ineptitude, the Senate and House, which substitute soaring hubris and empty oration for achievement, treat themselves with a regal lavishness unseen in the annals of democracy. This is vividly demonstrated, not only by the imperial pay, perks and prerogatives they continue to will onto themselves, but also by an obscene increase of 40% [almost triple the inflation rate], that Congress has regally spent on itself over the last five years.

In a time of extraordinary public debt and expenditure demands for Defense, and Intelligence, these unconscionable, budget-busting, porkmeisters have decreed that we must pay an ever higher annual premium for their extraordinary “public service”.

The U.S. Congress, consisting of America's pre-eminent legislative bodies, the hallowed temples of the “permanent government”, the dissolute holders of the national check-book, is also the central government's most counter-productive and irresponsible entity. The more they speak the less we believe. They more they spend, the worse we become. The longer they shirk their real duties, the closer they march the nation to the abyss.

Are there any good members? Sure. They're meeting over there in a phone booth.

The Federal Education Syndicate: Is there really any reason to continue to fund and encourage the continuance of a federal function, which, without Constitutional endorsement, the central government illegally took onto itself? Especially when it can be mathematically demonstrated that the money spent on said function, has succeeded only in continually and tragically degrading the function's very nature. And this while also polluting the national culture and sabotaging the future of us all?

Of course in a true democracy the majority's thundering shouts of “No!”, in answer to this question would result in major reform.

In America's “democracy” though, the arrogant, permanent government's response, is further expansion, increased waste, and more devastation. Can the Federal government give the American citizenry, “the finger”? Haven't you been watching?

Since Jimmy Carter made his gift of the Department of Education to the teachers unions which enabled his disastrous election, the DOE budget has gone from $14 billion to $57 billion. But that's not bad enough. Over the intervening years, 5 or 6 other agencies have horned their way into position at the “education” trough. So now the overall 2006 expenditure is closer to $130 billion. And still Kennedy and his packs of leftist jackals yap that we are short-changing education. Maybe we are. But we sure aren't short-changing the parasitic bureaucracies that devour 80 or 90 cents of every one of these dollars, before it can reach the classroom!

But money is actually the least of this problem. Just as Congress is about waste, fecklessness, and re-election, “Education” is about waste, payoffs, and indoctrination. So, even though children continue to slide, when it comes to the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills once provided by traditional education; they are extraordinarily well-versed in the codes of the Left. In the dumbed-down classrooms of “the mighty Beltway school marm”, fewer than 50% now possess even a basic understanding of American history. All are expert though, when it comes to women's “reproductive rights”, the civil rights “struggle, the distorted history of slavery, the separation of Church and State, how Clinton was “abused” in Office, how Bush “stole” the 2000 election, and America's legacy of “imperialism” against “indigenous peoples”.

The D.O.E.'s exalted founding goal of: “Promoting educational excellence for all Americans” vanished along with, “the 3 “Rs”.

Federal education is now nothing more than a taxpayer financed cabal of unions, pandering bureaucrats, and Marxist radicals. In close concert, they aggressively promote valueless secularism, and the toxic creeds of one-world, one-gender, and blame America first. Traditional education, with it's implied search for truth has been defeated.

The life-forming lessons of virtue's triumph over evil, the affirmation of the good over the bad, have been replaced by the Clintonian scripture: personal responsibility is anachronistic. Society or “the village” always have the obligation to provide. Immorality is inevitable, and not subject to judgment. In fact, it is to be embraced.

A lot of good all of this will do them, when hordes of these ignorant iPod, X-Box, hip-hop, cell-phone dunces seek to take a productive place in what will then remain, of our formerly civilized society.

In summary: Whether due to their pride, puffery, indifference, or treachery, there are “No Thanks Given” to either of these nominees, on this day… or on any other.