From BGen R Clements, USAF Retired

There are a few documents that people absolutely need to have at some point in their lives — a birth certificate may be the best example, but marriage or death certificates, and perhaps a divorce decree, could be other essential documents.

The fact is that in order to apply for Social Security benefits (and for a number of other reasons) you will probably need at least one of these documents, either the original or a copy certified by the state that issued it. Figuring out where to go to find the certified copies you need could be confusing - until now.

With the online resource you can find the addresses and phone numbers of the issuing offices as well as the fees for the documents you need. So even a person born in Alabama, married in California, divorced in Utah and retired in Florida can find everything he or she needs at the link below. Try it out! http://www.socialsecurity.gov/vitalstats.html