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Colin Powell is now home and comfy in private life after a lifetime of public service including some of the most outstanding military and diplomatic distinctions achieved in our country's modern-day history.

He has been in the top echelons of our Army as a General, and the top echelons of the President's Cabinet as a Secretary of State. And, most distinguishing in today's corrupt and devious world, his service in uniform and his service as a diplomat were of such unblemished and honored integrity it lifted our United States of America reputation beyond the criticisms heaped on others in the Bush Administration.

Colin Powell's honor and integrity endow him with admiration seldom lavished on a public figure by an America embarrassed, ashamed and disgruntled by the political shenanigans and military toadying we hear of or read of daily vis a vis television, the internet and print media.

I hope wherever he is or goes from here, he travels with the respect and in the best sense of the word - the love - of the men, women and young'uns of this country - and surely in others - who appreciate what he did for us, tried to do for us and may yet do for us as he too struggles for the preservation and perpetuation of this, the last great Democratic Republic on our tortured planet.

Thank you Mr. Secretary, Thank you, General Powell, God Speed, Sir!

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