By Jack MacKercher, July 13, 2006, in a letter to the Tampa Tribune

Michael Goodwin's case for the beginning of WW III comes too close to the mark. And so, too, does your headline writer in stating the “U.S. Is Paralyzed”. This need not be. Frightening as they are, options are available - not inviting, but they provide alternatives. Most importantly, they make us instantly unpredictable.

For instance, USS PUEBLO still lays captive in Korean waters. It's a reminder to the world, if not to us, that our immediate past is replete with examples of our tissue-paper tiger stature.

Moving on to the unthinkable:

Option 1:
Launch a multiple head ICBM with one non-nuclear war head and the remainder dummies. Mission: take out Pueblo and splash those dummie warheads along the coast of North Korea. No advance warning and no follow-up explanation. Leave it to the world to digest its meaning.

Option 2:
Begin removing our troops post haste from South Korea. Again, no explanation. Leave the stewing and worry to the bad guys! Why are the Americans leaving after all these years?

Option 3:
Immediately give Japan a limited nuclear capability to protect themselves. This is a reality the Russians and Chinese dread.

Option 4:
Take out the offensive missile facilities as well as those involved in the production of nuclear weapons, first with conventional weaponry and, as a last resort limited nukes. This final option need not be a precursor to total war.

Now put yourself in Beijing and Moscow as the leadership of those nations. Are you willing to sacrifice everything for Kim Il Jong, a miniaturized madman?

But all these are crazy. The U. S. doesn't do such things. Doing such would be unthinkable.

Not really! Even thinking about any one of these alternatives involves a sobering deterrent value.

John C. MacKercher
Weeki Wachee, FL.