By Rod Dreher, Dallas Morning News 11/10/04
Forwarded by MAJ Jerry Van Wagner, USA (Ret)

Two years ago, I sat in the backyard of an old friend in a suburb of Amsterdam and argued with him over the war on Islamic terrorism that America had undertaken.

“This war is your war,” he said. “Why should we get involved?”

“Because you're already at war,” I said. “You just don't know it yet.”

He does now. Last week, jihad arrived in Holland. Film maker Theo van Gogh, a secularist provocateur who had recently made Submission, an 11-minute film protesting the way Islamic societies treat women, was slain on the streets of Amsterdam. After a gun battle, police took into custody a 26-year-old Moroccan immigrant allegedly connected to Islamic radicals.

Mr. Van Gogh’s killer cut his throat and pinned a letter to his body with a knife plunged into his chest. The letter declared war on the Netherlands, on America, and on Muslim Uncle Toms who did not toe the Islamist line. And the letter specifically threatened the life of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as Somali refugee, feminist ex-Muslim and Dutch Member of Parliament who had collaborated with Mr. Van Gogh on his film. She is now in hiding.

Everyone around the world who cares about human rights, free speech and the abuse of women should screen Submission. Here in the West, where free speech is our solemn right, an artist was butchered and a lawmaker has gone underground because they dared to raise their voices against Islam.

Despite this, many in the Dutch establishment are wringing their politically correct hands over how their people have to be more sensitive to Muslims.

The Dutch are downright psychopathic on this point. Last week, when a Rotterdam artist spray-painted Thou shalt not kill on a wall near a mosque, the imam called the city government to complain - and the mayor ordered it painted over.

In recent years, when young Moroccan males accosted Dutch women at public swimming pools, calling them filthy names for dressing in an Islamically inappropriate manner, authorities shut down the pools rather than confront the thugs.

Two years ago, the denial of the problem turned homicidal. Prim Fortuyn, an openly gay libertarian running for prime minister, repeatedly warned that the tolerant, secular society the Dutch had built was in danger from crime and Islamic extremism among immigrants who, despite generous government assistance, refused to accept Dutch civic values.

Mr. Fortuyn said that Holland’s multiculturalist mentality blinded the nation to the civilizational threat from Islamic radicalism. Indeed, terrorism experts have cautioned in the wake of 9-11 that Islamic terrorists find friendly territory in Holland because the Dutch taboo against criticizing minorities gave them relative freedom from scrutiny. Mr. Fortuyn charged that his countrymen were too open-minded to take their own side in the clash of civilizations.

The popular Mr. Fortuyn was mercilessly vilified as a right-wing extremist by the politically correct Dutch right-wing extremist by the politically correct Dutch media, even though his politics were left of the U.S. Democratic Party.

He was shot dead days before the election. His murderer was an animal-rights activist who said he wanted to defend immigrants.

Yet Mr. Fortuyn was later vindicated by the very establishment he had attacked. In January, the Dutch Parliament issued a landmark report calling the government’s 30-year multiculturalist coddling of Islamic immigrants a failure. Holland’s major cities are now home to crime-ridden Islamic ghettos and a militant subculture that threatens to tear the country apart.

Now that another Dutchman has given his life for criticizing Islam, Holland is at a crossroads in which its very survival depends on the path the nation takes. By 2020, half the people 18 and under in Holland will be Muslim. By 2100, estimates Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis, all of Europe will be predominantly Muslim.

Demography is destiny. Bassam Tibi, a leading Muslim moderate in Germany, says the only question left to figure out is which Islam - sharia Islam or Euro-Islam - is to dominate in Europe. If Europeans cannot figure out how to make converts to secular liberal democracy out of the Muslim immigrants populations they've welcomed uncritically for a generation or more, their civilization will die.

Future historians will judge it a suicide.