Tawfik Hamid in the London Sunday Express
Forwarded by J.D. Johnson

“Britain will be hit by a Chemical attack next time. London [bombings] was nothing. The majority of Muslims are passive terrorists who secretly condone terror attacks on the West,” an Islamic scholar has warned.

Muslim born Tawfik Hamid - who has had close links with Al Qaeda's top brass and predicted the attacks on New York, Madrid and London - warned of worse to come in Britain.

And he called on the Government to act against the “cancer” of extremists hiding within the Muslim community.

The scholar, who has been forced to conceal his real identity after death threats from Islamic fundamentalists, says he was schooled in radicalism and indoctrinated into terrorism as a young man before escaping in the West.

Born in Egypt, he often prayed alongside Al Qaeda leaders including Osama Bin Laden's deputy Ayman Al Zawaheri.

He has now warned, “There will be future terror attacks in Britain and they will make Thursday's bombing in London look like nothing, I expect a major crisis in the next few years. I expect a major chemical attack on the water supply or on the food in Britain.”

He said the failure of Western governments to act against the growing radicalism had allowed it to flourish. “This is like someone with cancer pretending they do not have it.” They ignore it but will just grow and eventually it will kill them.”

Hamid, author of The Real Roots of Islamic Violence has founded an Islamic movement promoting peace but said tackling fundamentalism will fail unless the teachings in Islam change.