THE __________ STATE

By Jug Varner

Every state has a nickname. Some have more than one. Here is a simple 50-question test to see how many of these adopted names you know and to which state each applies. All but one will fill in the blank as “The __________ State” The exception is a key word that fits into a simple phrase “Land of ________________.”

Some of these states have more than one such nickname, but the ones below are supposedly the latest official approved names.

School history studies introduced us to many of them in days of yore, but anyone who has traveled a lot, or who keeps up with collegiate sports, should know many of them by association.

If you can’t correctly match at least 35 of them, you’re not trying very hard… or…

01 Aloha
02 Badger
03 Bay
04 Beaver
05 Beehive
06 Bluegrass
07 Buckeye
08 Centennial
09 Cornhusker
10 Constitution
11 Empire
12 Enchantment
13 Equality
14 Evergreen
15 First
16 Garden
17 Gem
18 Golden
19 Grand Canyon
20 Granite
21 Green Mountain
22 Hawkeye
23 Hoosier
24 Keystone
25 Last Frontier
26 Lone Star
27 Magnolia
28 Mountain
29 Mount Rushmore
30 Natural
31 North Star
32 Ocean
33 Old Dominion
34 Old Line
35 Palmetto
36 Peace Garden
37 Peanut
38 Pelican
39 Pine Tree
40 Prairie
41 Show Me
42 Silver
43 Sooner
44 Sunflower
45 Sunshine
46 Tar Heel
47 Treasure
48 Volunteer
49 Wolverine
50 Yellowhammer


For general information about these nicknames CLICK HERE.

Also, here are the answers if you want to check them against your own results:.

01-Hawaii 02-Wisconsin 03-Massachusetts 04-Oregon 05-Utah 06-Kentucky 07-Ohio 08-Colorado 09-Connecticut 10-Nebraska 11-New York 12-New Mexico 13-Wyoming 14-Washington 15-Delaware 16-New Jersey 17-Idaho 18-California 19-Arizona 20-New Hampshire 21-Vermont 22-Iowa 23-Indiana 24-Pennsylvania 25-Alaska 26-Texas 27-Mississippi 28-West Virginia 29-South Dakota 30-Arkansas 31-Minnesota 32-Rhode Island 33-Virginia 34-Maryland 35-South Carolina 36-North Dakota 37-Georgia 38-Louisiana 39-Maine 40-Illinois 4-Missouri 42-Nevada 43-Oklahoma 44-Kansas 45-Florida 46-North Carolina 47-Montana 48-Tennessee 49-Michigan 50-Alabama.