The following letter from Robert Frank, of Henderson, NV. is in response to the article that follows, entitled, “What the President Should be Saying.”

His questions are so incicisive that I decided to share it with you in this article - one that he might well have sent directly to the White House to possibly give them some food for thought.

Hello again Jug,

Thanks again for your truly outstanding website!

Ref: “What the President Should be Saying”

The subject article is typical of your unique services. Well stated and written! But, it reminds me of four nagging questions:

1. Lack of Jewish Support of President Bush? Why don't all members of the Jewish Faith give 1000% support of President Bush and the Republican Party? How do they think that Israel can survive and/or totally block radical Muslim plans to destroy it using WMD in the 21st Century? Does anyone really believe that Israel was ever able to defeat the conventional ArLeague forces in the 20th Century without major American logistics, intelligence and other rear-area assistance? How long do they think Tel Aviv and its hundreds of thousands of residents would have survived if Saddam had obtained WMD delivery capabilities? And, why do they not believe Iran's cleric leadership when they claim to be intending to destroy both Israel and the US? Finally, after all of the hundreds of years of Jewish persecutions, why would any member of the Jewish Faith trust anyone other than the American President who alone acts to protect their interests, rather than just talk about “negotiations” with the forces of evil? Can anyone explain it?

2. Why Not Discuss The Likelihood of WMD Evacuations from Iraq? Why do the media and the Administration not talk about the obvious likelihood that the Russians, French and/or Germans helped Saddam REMOVE the WMD from Iraq during the UN inspection period and/or immediately before or just after the begin of war? It is obvious that it would have been far easier to remove WMD via cargo aircraft and or truck convoys than to hide it. And, for sure, the Russians and French would have been highly motivated to evacuate the stuff and not get caught red-handed with it in Iraq. Finally, why would the radical Muslims, socialists in all countries, and the sympathetic democratic party members be so adamant NOW about being deceived about WMD in Iraq, if they had not learned that the WMD had been safely removed beforehand?

3. Why So Little Understanding of Why US Has to Control Flow of Oil in Middle East? Why would any American not understand that our economy is totally dependent upon oil, and that failure to enforce free flowing of oil from the Middle East is a certain recipe for our disaster? After all that has happened, who does not understand that the radical Islamic clerics are capable of cutting off all flows of oil and thereby stimulating global economic disaster and allowing their own peoples to starve as an acceptable price for their winning the war against the US and other western democracies?

4. Why US Silent Majority Allows Radical Left (and Oil Cartel) to Block Our Widespread Use of Nuclear Power? Since everyone knows that we have to do something drastic to reduce oil consumption, and since it is so obvious we can not conserve our way out of the problem by cutting vehicle consumption, why don't the majority of voters in this nation demand that massive use of clean nuclear power until something better is found? Have they looked at France, Russia, other European countries, etc. massive use of nuclear power? Why would one seriously-flawed Russian power plant design and operations oversight be allowed to forever frighten the citizens of the free world's greatest power from saving its economy through nuclear power plants? Are we now such a nation of lemmings?

Robert Frank
Henderson, NV