If you are seriously interested in becoming more aware of issues affecting our military establishment now and in the future, we recommend you log onto the Center for Military Readiness.

This is an independent, non-partisan educational organization formed to take a leadership role in promoting sound military personnel policies in the armed forces, with emphasis on women.

It is a unique alliance of civilians, active duty military and retired military in all 50 states — and one of the few such organizations that concentrates on military personnel issues full-time.

We have read (and occasionally reprinted) articles from its CMR Newsletter offering new and interesting insights to ongoing problems and policy changes. Some of this information is seldom reported in the mainstream press so we otherwise may not have known about it — and even if reported by others, certainly not with the depth and clarity presented by CMR.

CMR's web site offers detailed information about its activities, principles, issues and current topics that will let you decide for yourself, so log on and learn a lot! You probably will want to mark it as a favorite site to come back to frequently.

You will alsp find this site listed under WEB LINKS in the left column of our home page.