Petition Asks President Bush To Revise Clinton-era Engineering In The Military

America is extremely proud of the men and women who continue to serve in the War on Terrorism, but questions persist about the consequences of Clinton-era social engineering in the military. In the earliest days of the fierce Battle of Iraq, the nation learned of the violent capture of three brave female soldiers. Two were single mothers, and one of them never came home.

Many people have asked what they can do to prevent these policies from being accepted as the status quo for future wars. In response, the Center for Military Readiness has launched the national Americans for the Military petition campaign, which could provide constructive answers. The text of the petition to President George W. Bush, which individuals can sign electronically and forward to others, is posted at

The petition respectfully asks President Bush to direct uniformed and civilian Pentagon officials to objectively review and revise social policies that undermine readiness, discipline and morale. These include:

  • Assignments of female soldiers in or near land combat units with a high risk of capture;
  • Admittedly inefficient co-ed basic training;
  • Prolonged family separations and pregnancy policies that detract from readiness; and
  • Gender-based recruiting “goals” and quotas that hurt morale and increase costs.

All of these policies were imposed administratively during the Clinton administration, and can be revised the same way.

In announcing the Americans for the Military petition, CMR President Elaine Donnelly expressed the hope that President Bush will direct the Pentagon to review and revise problematic social policies long before the next mobilization begins.

“The Defense Department is trying to transform the services into a more flexible, efficient force, and the Army has just announced a new program to restore a “warrior ethos” in all trainees. There is no need to retain problematic policies such as co-ed basic training, which make military life more difficult and more dangerous,” she said.

CMR is reaching out to networks of military families and pro-defense civilians who support our men and women in uniform. A number of large and influential organizations have joined CMR in spreading the word about the Americans for the Military petition. They include Eagle Forum, Concerned Women for America, the American Conservative Union, Accuracy in Media, the Family Research Council, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, the Howard Center, Coalitions for America, American Values, the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, the Patrick Henry Center, the Young America's Foundation, and Focus on the Family.

The Center for Military Readiness, an independent public policy organization that specializes in military personnel issues. Information about topics addressed on the petition can be found on CMR's website,