By Norman Campbell, MSGT, USAF (Ret)

Cindy Williams is a radical product of the “hate the military” faction of the Clinton Administration, which means most of them. A mathematics PHD, she has never served one day in the military and therefore to put it bluntly, she does not know what the hell she is talking about.

She has no idea of the hardships of military life, thinks she can create a military that endures these hardships 24/7 and “reward” them by gearing their pay and benefits to something less than federal employees pay and benefits (or to Eastern European military pay and benefits - a major study effort of her group).

She is a darling of the liberal Eastern Media who, in most instances, don't know what they are talking about either. But they are ready in an instant to fire away and criticize the military pay and allowances system.

Having served as assistant director of the Congressional Budget Office and a member of the Senior Executive Service of the Office of Secretary of Defense, she now heads up a research project at MIT. She edited two books, both critical of the US military personnel system. Her latest bomb shell was a 41-page “occasional paper” published in September 200. It is still on the Internet under the title, “Transforming the Rewards for Military Service.”

The New York Times loved it and had her write a long editorial all about her recommendations. In this paper, among other things, she recommended the increase in TRICARE Fees, immediate elimination of TFL, and elimination and/or reduction in survivor programs.

She is powerful, and her writings are a forecast for what is coming. So much so, that one of the major veterans organizations starts preparing counter measures to fight what she proposes the minute her writings are released.

Because DOD and committees advising DOD seem to follow what she recommends, I have tried to determine the connection between the government (DOD) and this MIT study group.

The study group claims to be supported by several large foundations, but not a word about any government funding. (But you can't convince me that there isn't some connection here someplace!)

Back in 2001, she was recommending in her writing that, upon retirement, military retirees should wait until they are 60 years old before collecting retirement pay - and these committees making recommendations to DOD are now recommending the same thing.

Many of you know about this radical, but for those who don't, she is poison to military retirees.

Norm Campbell
MSgt. USAF (Retired)
ne obliviscaris - (never forget)