Received from a friend on the Internet. Originator of the text not stated.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this parody supposedly was the difference in the general action and reaction of the people in the Mississippi Gulf Coast to those in New Orleans:

MS Gulf Coast: We have a plan.
New Orleans: We got a plan, too.

MS Gulf Coast: We have trucks waiting on higher ground to move food, etc.
New Orleans: We got our trucks parked, too. In just 6 feet of water.

MS Gulf Coast. Police will be back on patrol as soon as we can move around.
New Orleans: Cops loot Wal-Mart.

MS Gulf Coast: Home owners begin clearing debris by themselves.
New Orleans: Who's gonna clean up this mess?

MS Gulf Coast: It'll cost me some savings to rebuild, but . . .
New Orleans: Where's the damn government with the debit cards?

MS Gulf Coast: We are partners with FEMA, but it starts here first.
New Orleans: Damn FEMA, why weren't they ready?

MS Gulf Coast: It was worse than I believed. I should have evacuated.
New Orleans: They didn't send anybody to get me.

MS Gulf Coast: Leaders: we have work to do, let's get started.
New Orleans: Leaders: let's go to Las Vegas and party.

MS Gulf Coast: We made a few mistakes, but we learned.
New Orleans: It was ____ (fill in the blank) who was at fault.

And you wonder why the Mississippi Gulf Coast didn’t get the news coverage New Orleans got? The media doesn't want to see a state with it's act together or watch people work to rebuild.

Whining, complaining and infighting… that's news, Baby!

Now do you believe and trust the news media?