By Jug Varner

From the restive mood I sense in reading many of your e-mails passing through this website, some of you are damning President Bush because we are not getting all the perks that we feel we have been promised.

Well, duh! That’s not a new complaint.

This has occurred in every administration, Republican or Democrat, for as long as I can remember… and I’m probably older that 95% of you - having performed my active duty during WWII, Korea and Vietnam eras!

Despite what the President wants and sometimes promises, Congress controls what he actually gets. And, of course, his own advisors carry a lot of clout in changing priorities in the overall budget before it goes to Congress. Add to this mix a group of congressional obstructionists more interested in preventing Bush from succeeding than any serious concern for passing good laws.

Ironically, coming from you who always have sacrificed more than any other group of Americans (and probably always will), this damning of the President doesn’t seem to square with your typical mindset of putting the country ahead of your own personal opinions. When you consider the millions of us and the billions of dollars involved, it doesn’t take a PHD to figure out how much money is required to fund even the least expensive perks for the military!

So where do we stand?

Are we still the warriors who always put the nation's needs ahead of our own, or are we becoming a bunch of “what’s in it for me complainers” looking out solely for our own personal returns? I hope and pray that will never be the case of our military warriors.

Unfortunately for us, politics is the name of the game, and neither party has a lot to brag about these days. However, there definitely are some scary differences in the intent of the parties, particularly the Liberalism of those who may control congress.

Liberals who push liberalism hardest are the educators who have major influence over our kids in public schools and in our nation's colleges. More than 90% of college professors are avowed Liberals who teach accordingly.

As if that isn't bad enough, we have an overwhelmingly Liberal national media that daily omits or slants the news to suit their own political purposes. Couple this with an electorate that is often apathetic to the point of not voting, and you can see that America has a real problem!

I can’t think of any one factor that could bring this country to its knees internally quicker than this continued growth of Liberalism.