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The Army Historical Foundation

Published by Henry Holt & Company, Hugh Lauter Levin Associates Inc. ISBN 0-88363-101-6. BGEN Harold W. Nelson USA (Ret) – Editor-in-Chief; MGEN Bruce Jacobs AUS (Ret) – Editor; COL Raymond K. Bluhm, Jr. USA (Ret) – Graphics Editor

Reviewed for Keeping APAce by CDR Byron D. Varner, USN (Ret).

Its strikingly beautiful dark green padded cover, gold embossed lettering and shining gold Army Seal stopped me in my tracks and made me want to look inside. This large (10.25”x14.5”x1.5”) six-pound volume is equally impressive on the inside, with a wealth of wonderful color graphics and history that tells the story of the Army in a way it has never been told.

This is one of several “big books” for the coffee or library table I saw at a well-known bookstore that featured the military service during pre-Christmas shopping days- including one about the Navy and another about Naval Aviation. I am sure there must have been one for the Air Force and Marine Corps either in the out-of-stock category, or in the planning stages, but not on display during my visit.

My library is full of Navy books, but I have little first-hand experience with the Army — other than vicariously through Army friends and visits to a few bases. I once visited West Point to write an in-depth story about it and was greatly impressed by its beauty, history, geographic setting, and the people I met there (see INDEX, ARMY, U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY). This book was so beautiful and well done that I could not resist buying it for my collection. It will provide some excellent research for future articles in KEEPING APACE.

One thing that intrigued me was the use of military postage stamps to illustrate Army history. As a collector of first day covers, that is something I have done each issue of KEEPING APACE since converting it from print medium to the world wide web. Stamp collectors appreciate the art, beauty, history, and education they derive from their hobby and I am no exception.

The book is a hefty one, and so is the price, but it probably is or will be available at discounts now, along with the same publisher's books on the other services.