STATE OF EMERGENCY: The Third World Invasion And Conquest Of America

By Patrick Buchanan

Civilizations die by suicide, not murder, says Patrick Buchanan, and
liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. Its ideas, pursued to their logical end, will prove fatal.

And none of those ideas is as certain to bring our civilization to an unhappy end as the proposition that America's borders must be open to any and all comers, legal and illegal.

In State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, Buchanan explains why the very life of our nation is at stake in the immigration debate. If immigration and border controls aren't reintroduced, it will be the end of America as we know it — and soon.

Buchanan explains why the massive influx of illegal immigrants into America is nothing less than an invasion — and yet the Bush White House and GOP-controlled Congress appear disinclined to do anything about it.

He details how our current policy of “open borders” and nearly unrestricted immigration have brought a stream of criminals and thugs into our nation — for the benefit only of an entrenched political establishment that couldn't care less about the good of the American people.

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