FOREIGN INVADERS - Hagedorn.Helstrom


The Douglas Invader in Foreign Military and U.S. Clandestine Service
By Dan Hagedorn and Leif Hellström

Midland Publishing Limited, England 1994, 200 pages: 8.5”x11” hard cover. ISBN 1-85780-013-3 Now out of print.

Reviewed for Keeping APAce by Byron D. Varner.

For model builders, “war bird” enthusiasts, or those interested in history, war, soldiers of fortune, and aircraft, (especially the A-26 — the most versatile and unsung of all military combat attack bombers), Foreign Invaders probably is as well researched as any book you will find on the subject.

Best known in America for its service during WWII and Korea, the A-26 also has been used by more than 20 air forces worldwide, not including numerous clandestine and paramilitary units. It has flown in more than a dozen wars, armed conflicts, and coups. It has served as a bomber, attack aircraft, night-fighter, courier, crew trainer, artillery spotter, courier, photo-reconnaissance, glider tow, target tow, air command post, maritime surveillance, and other roles. Yet, for all of its activity, the A-26 has not received as much publicity as a number of less important aircraft types. Until now, that is. It is all documented here.

With more than 250 photographs to support the interesting information presented (much of it for the first time), the authors gain immediate respect as researchers, writers and aviation enthusiasts — as well as veteran pilots with hands-on experience in this jack-of-all-trades aircraft.

Some of the covert operations included Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, The Congo, and the Cuba Bay of Pigs, all of which made world headlines in times past as well as others not so well publicized…if at all.

This is a book you may not find in your local library. Try the Articles of War Web site, or other resellers. Average price may be $35.