A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News
By Bernard Goldberg

Published by Regency Publishing Company, ISBN 0-89526-190-1, 232 pages, hardcover.

Reviewed for Keeping APAce by CDR Byron D. Varner, USN (Ret)

There is a good reason why the network news programs are losing viewers at an ever-increasing rate. Thinking people are switching to the “tell-it-like-it-is” cable programs such as Fox News Network. This and many other revealing facts are included in one of the most intriguing stories to hit the bookstores in recent times.

Whether you are liberal, conservative or somewhere in between, BIAS is a book you must read.

Conservatives will find it supportive of what most of them have known or suspected all along about the liberal bias of Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, et al, and their networks, as well as most of the leading print media, particularly the New York Times and Washington Post.

Liberals will learn what all the fuss is really about, and how these elitist mainstreamers are out of touch with the concepts of the majority of Americans across the country. (Whether they will agree may be doubtful.)

Moderates may become more appreciative of whatever conservative beliefs they have.

Bernard Goldberg's 28-year career with CBS gives him a decided edge in believability. This book provides the long-needed exposure of arrogance and blatant lack of objectivity that has gradually converted network news from journalism to an entertainment form — and telling us what they want us to believe instead of reporting both sides of the story.

While the apolitical Goldberg's primary concern is fairness in journalism, his book sheds a lot of light on the political spectrum as well.

As one who believes that what has been happening in our nation as the result of this money and politically driven obsession borders on mind control, I think BIAS is a wake-up call. Read it and see what you think.