Randolph AFB TX (AFPN), June 4, 2004 -
Under the new system, lodging officials can accept and confirm space-A lodging reservations up to 30 days in advance based on low projected occupancy rates.

The window for reservations decreases as the percentage of projected occupancy rises. For example, when a projected occupancy rate is 65 percent or less, space-A guests can make reservations up to 30-days in advance. At 80 percent, the reservation window is two weeks. It is seven days for 85 percent, and three days for 86 percent or greater.

Higher priority customers may not bump space-A customers with confirmed reservations. Neither can they be bumped once they are assigned lodging except during contingencies, emergencies or when the installation commander determines higher priorities exist.

Commanders may establish a policy limiting the number of days space-A guests may stay in on-base lodging to no more than 30-days per year. (Courtesy of Air Force Education and Training Command News Service)