By Jug Varner

As a general rule I am very careful about my computer files and always strive to retain a backup in case of accidental erasure of an important article. Only in such instances as a computer failure have I lost any, but the back-ups generally saved the day… until now.

Early in 1994, I made a special trip to the Air Force Academy to write a feature story for the printed version of Keeping Apace, which I later transferred to a computer version and retained in my Air Force archive. Recently I eliminated the general ARMED FORCES link in the left column of my home page in favor of individual links for each service and DOD. It was then that I realized the Air Force Academy story was missing.

When or how this happened is a mystery, but it is gone, as apparently is its back-up. So I am using THIS LINK as a crutch until I can locate the missing files or create another article from the original hard copy story.